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Literati Gear


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SKU: 110023

Literati Tote bag, designed and printed right here in Ann Arbor, using material made in the USA!

SKU: 191871

My Boyfriend is my Bookshelf mug! Designed by Alisa Bobzien Studios, based in Ann Arbor.

SKU: 270573

Literati logo button! For a shirt, bag, backpack... or just to show a loved one that you care.

SKU: 201670

Literati logo sticker! Perfect for a laptop, car bumper, or someone's face. Just kidding. Kind of.

SKU: 204863

Literati Logo mug, printed right here in Ann Arbor.

SKU: 13830593

Support Michigan Bookstores! Get 10% entire purchase during first visit to each participating bookstore. Plan your Michigan bookstore road trip tour and check off bookstores on your tote as you go!

SKU: 67160629