A Selection of Staff Picks From Throughout 2023

As you enter the Washington St. entrance to Literati Bookstore, walking past the notebooks and pens displays, there is a bookcase display featuring staff picks. These books are selected as standouts by staff members every month, titles we want to be sure you don't overlook while you are browsing through the store. This list is culled from titles each Literati employee chose throughout this past year. They are not necessarily 2023 releases, however they represent the wide variety of genre and subjects Literati staff members embrace and are familiar with.

The Scariest Month of the Year!

To be honest, I am not a reader of horror. Most of my reading takes place at the end of my day, as I lull myself to sleep immersed in an engaging book. Horror is just too scary for me to read while the world is fast asleep — besides keeping me wide awake with fear. But because there are so many fans of horror — and it is almost Halloween — I created this list for those of you are not faint-hearted.

September's Hot Off the Press Fall Releases

September is the month of new beginnings. School is back in session. Rosh Hashanah welcomes the Jewish New Year. Football season starts, going hand in hand with autumn in the air. And . . .  publishers start releasing more titles, with the fall book season being followed by the industry's big holiday book releases. This list is full of enticing books I'm looking forward to reading in my cozy chair, as the weather begins to turn.

Hot Off the Press

August book releases mean summer is not over and there's plenty of great reading to stretch out Summer 2023. This list includes the wonderful — and — much-anticipated latest novel from Ann Patchett, "Tom Lake" along with a variety of fiction and non-fiction in YA, middle reader, and kids books. Most are available in the store now or are about to be released. Happy reading from curator Vick!

June is Pride Month!

June is the most beautiful month of the year and also when LGBT+ communities world-wide come together to celebrate and honor the freedom to be themselves. The original organizers chose this month to pay homage to the Stonewall uprising in June1969, in New York City, which helped spark the modern gay rights movement. Listed are new releases and about-to-be-released books that honor and touch on LGBTQ+ stories, history, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry— for adults and young ones. Curated by Vick.


Honoring Earth Day

If you are checking out this reading list, most likely you have a respect for and a concern for our home Mother Earth, as I do. Thousands of books are published every year about the impact we have had on nature and the world around us, from poetry to non-fiction to fiction, in adult and children's books. Since the pandemic and the results we witness daily from climate change, a large majority of new book releases now touch on, or are about, environmental devastation and fears and impacts of the virus.