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Banned Books Week 2022

Banned books week is September 18 - 24, 2022. It's incredibly sad that books are still being banned in the 21st century and sadder still that far-right politicians, media, and religious leaders continue to successfully dictate their belief systems in this manner. The best way to fight back is to buy and read banned books, to talk about this growing attack on the First Amendment, and to not allow school systems and religious organizations to influence their disregard towards multiculturism and race in the classroom by using your voice where it can be heard: VOTE!

End of Summer 2022 Reads

Though summer's end is closing in on us, it's still the dog days of summer: hot August days that send us to the beach or pool before the leaves start turning. Here's a list of books to amuse you, captivate you, educate you, and get lost in . . . good company while soaking up the end of summer sun.

Pride Month Reading List

The entire month of June is Pride Month, which commemorates the 1969 Stonewall riots, which eventually led to the efforts and progress towards achieving equal rights, justice, and opportunies for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) Americans. Big Thanks to Literati staff member/bookseller David Vogel for putting together most of this reading list that touches on and celebrates LGBTQ culture.

Animals Amongst Us

We share our planet with hundreds of thousands of living beings. How we relate to and respect/disrespect the animals of the world and how they to adapt to sharing their environments with humans is a never-ending and fascinationing discussion. This list is a selection of books about animals: how they fit with humans and how humans fit with them, proof that animals do have emotions and feelings, how we can be better people to all the animals amongst us, and books to teach kids about the whys and hows to appreciate animals. 

Michigan Notable Writers

Not only is the State of Michigan full of majestic beauty, an abundance of wildlife and deep woods, and glittering lakes and rivers, it is also home to outstanding, admirable, and talented writers, from the Northern tips of the State to its Southern borders. This list honors the State of Michigan's literary heritage, many titles taken from the Library of Michigan's "Michigan Notable Books" lists as well as books taking place in and about Michigan regions and citiies, as well as some notable people throughout the state.

It's Gardening Season!

We've survived another long winter! If you're like Carla and me, you spent many winter days dreaming about getting back in the garden. We've put together a reading list of books to aid you and inspire you as you get back to your garden or are about to start your first garden. Happy planting and getting dirt under your fingernails!

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. First celebrated in 1996, the Academy of American Poets organized the holiday to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. The reading list I’ve culled is January – May 2022 releases in poetry and represents the vast variety of voices, young and old, and the variety of thoughts and ideas expressed around the country, and the world, in this written word form. Many debut poets are featured in this list.

Putin's War on Ukraine Reading List

By air, land, and sea, Vladimir Putin has launched a devastating attack on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million people. Its forces are bombing city centres and closing in on the capital, Kyiv, prompting a mass exodus of refugees. For months, President Vladimir Putin denied he would invade his neighbour, but then he tore up a peace deal and unleashed what Germany calls "Putin's war," pouring forces into Ukraine's north, east and south. As the number of dead climbs, Russia's leader stands accused of shattering peace in Europe.

March is Women's History Month

As Black History Month comes to an end, we enter the month of March during which we honor another group of oppressed people: women. This reading list offers a wide range of feminist books for young and old, essays on the history of women going back through ancient history, novels and poetry displaying women’s power and strength, and some sweet tributes to all women.

Banned Books 2022

Far-right politicians, media, and religious leaders intent on stopping children from learning about race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and different cultures within the country have escalated their attacks on freedom of speech by increasing the call for banning of books.