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April is National Poetry Month

This year marks the 25th year of celebrating American poets and poetry with National Poetry Month. Visit the Academy of American Poets website for more information about this annual month-long recognition. Click here for their Poem-A-Day link. Listed below are some suggestions of adult and young readers poetry books, collections, and anthologies that are available in our store right now.


January 20, 2021: A Day to Remember. Inauguration Day Reads

Below is a list of books . . . for all ages . . . in acknowledgment of Inauguration Day. Scroll through to discover books we think your children will enjoy as they learn about our country's new leaders. Scroll further down for adult readers to consider books by and about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as books about the US Constitution, Inauguration speeches, and a copy of the Constitution.

Comforting Books To Take Into the New Year

2021 gives us reason for hope and rejuvenation. Literati staff have come up with books we recommend for readers to take with them into the new year: books we feel can be held dear as we head in to the long winter of snow and ice storms, covid fears and reality, and as a new administration gets to work on making the world around us a better place. These are thoughtful books, funny books, inspiring books, calming read-by-the-fireside books. Some are oldies but goodies, some are brand new, and some will be released in the next few months.

In Honor of RBG

Words, books, and photographs give us lasting images of those we've lost. Ruth Bader Ginsburg will remain in our collective memories as the one-of-a-kind symbol of justice and truth. Here are some books we currently have on hand for curbside or postal delivery that honor the great RBG.