Shelf Talking Episode 23––Paperback Preview (08/02/2019)

*Headphones Recommended*

Look ahead to some fantastic paperback releases with this month’s SHELF TALKING!

Recorded live at Literati:
–Nick Dybek shares excerpts from his WWI-era novel The Verdun Affair.
–Leif Enger recounts the long road that led to his third novel, Virgil Wanderer.
–Astrophysicist Adam Becker reads the introduction to his debut What Is Real?: The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics

Shelf Talking Episode 22 – A Literary Eurail (07/05/2019)

Climb aboard SHELF TALKING’s literary Eurail, with stops in Tuscany, Paris, Berlin (by way of Athens), and London!

Recorded live at Literati:
–Christina Lynch reads from her debut novel The Italian Party
–Brooks Rexroat performs an excerpt from his story collection Thrift Store Coats
–Gail Horst-Warhaft shares wild stories of Rembetika musicians from her hybrid work The Fall of Athens.
–Margot Singer reads passages from her debut novel Underground Fugue

Shelf Talking Episode 21––Genre Benders (06/07/2019)

This month’s SHELF TALKING blends the fantastic, the speculative, and the literary with a trio of genre-defying writers!

Recorded live at Literati:
–Julia Fine shares an excerpt from her debut novel What Should Be Wild.
–Franny Choi performs poems from her latest collection Soft Science.
– Wayétu Moore discusses magical realism and her novel She Would Be King

Plus Literati’s Inventory Manager Kelsey O’Rourke discusses some of her favorite genre-bending reads!

Shelf Talking Episode 20––National Short Story Month (05/03/2019)

*Headphones Recommended!*

This month’s SHELF TALKING celebrates National Short Story Month with a tremendous pair of readings!

Recorded live at Literati:
–Maryse Meijer reads“The Shut-In” from her collection Rag.
–Polly Rosenwaike reads “Grow Your Eyelashes” from her collection Look How Happy I’m Making You.

Shelf Talking Episode 19.5 –– Make 'Em Laugh Re-Release (04/02/2019)

Still smarting from all those April Fool’s Day tricks? Let this Shelf Talking re-release ease your pain with some prank-free laughs!

Recorded live at Literati:

-Richard Russo discusses his essay collection The Destiny Thief with Sam Krowchenko.
-Eileen Pollack reads from her novel The Bible of Dirty Jokes. 
-Lindy West shares from her celebrated book Shrill.

Shelf Talking is produced by Mike and Hilary Gustafson with John Ganiard, Matthew Flores, and Sam Krowchenko.
Theme Music: “Orange and Red” by Pity Sex (2016, Run for Cover Records)

Shelf Talking Episode 18 - I Wanna Rock! (03/05/2019)

Been a long time since you rock and rolled? Today's SHELF TALKING is here to help!

Recorded live at Literati:
–Michael Zadoorian shares passages from his latest novel Beautiful Music.
–Jas Obrecht chronicles Jimi Hendrix's rise to fame in Stone Free.  
–Kat Gardiner reads selections from her collection Little Wonder.

Shelf Talking is produced by Mike and Hilary Gustafson with John Ganiard, Matthew Flores, and Sam Krowchenko
Our theme songs are “Orange and Red” and "Bonhomie" by Pity Sex (2016, Run for Cover Records)

Shelf Talking Episode 17 – Kristen Roupenian and Chloe Benjamin (02/05/2019)

For our first episode of 2019, SHELF TALKING presents a pair of conversations with two rising stars of American fiction.

Recorded live at Literati:
–Kristen Roupenian discusses her debut collection You Know You Want This: “Cat Person” And Other Stories with writer/editor Callie Collins.
–Chloe Benjamin chats about her novel The Immortalists with Number One Chinese Restaurant author (and Literati bookseller!) Lillian Li.