Michigan Notable Writers

Not only is the State of Michigan full of majestic beauty, an abundance of wildlife and deep woods, and glittering lakes and rivers, it is also home to outstanding, admirable, and talented writers, from the Northern tips of the State to its Southern borders. This list honors the State of Michigan's literary heritage, many titles taken from the Library of Michigan's "Michigan Notable Books" lists as well as books taking place in and about Michigan regions and citiies, as well as some notable people throughout the state.

It's Gardening Season!

We've survived another long winter! If you're like Carla and me, you spent many winter days dreaming about getting back in the garden. We've put together a reading list of books to aid you and inspire you as you get back to your garden or are about to start your first garden. Happy planting and getting dirt under your fingernails!

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. First celebrated in 1996, the Academy of American Poets organized the holiday to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. The reading list I’ve culled is January – May 2022 releases in poetry and represents the vast variety of voices, young and old, and the variety of thoughts and ideas expressed around the country, and the world, in this written word form. Many debut poets are featured in this list.

Putin's War on Ukraine Reading List

By air, land, and sea, Vladimir Putin has launched a devastating attack on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million people. Its forces are bombing city centres and closing in on the capital, Kyiv, prompting a mass exodus of refugees. For months, President Vladimir Putin denied he would invade his neighbour, but then he tore up a peace deal and unleashed what Germany calls "Putin's war," pouring forces into Ukraine's north, east and south. As the number of dead climbs, Russia's leader stands accused of shattering peace in Europe.

Honoring Black History Month

Black History Month calls upon the American public to honor and take notice of the often overlooked achievements of Black Americans. This reading list is a sampling of Black writers who bear witness to the struggles of being Black in this country and gives voice to those Black writers who celebrate being Black in this country. Beginning with poetry the list moves on to fiction, non fiction, cooking, and books for YA, middle readers and young children. Many of these titles are new & noteworthy 2022 releases.

Warm Up & Feel-Good Reads

Literati booksellers Carla, Shannon, and Vick put together this reading guide to help you get toasty during these frigid days and nights of January and February. The list offers a selection of warming and feel-good reads from essays to humorous books, poetry to fiction, cookbooks to nature writing, and books for kids of all ages. Sit back and say “ah, that was a good one” as you burrow yourselves indoors.


New Year, New You

January 1st is typically the day we set new resolutions to live by: change your diet, quit drinking, exercise, find time for yourself, be a better you, be better to the people around you and to the planet. This list is a selection of reading material to lead you on that path, from books on guided meditation and yoga practice, to discovering nature, to eating better for yourself and a better planet, to being a better you, and more. We offer these suggestions as a way of saying Happy New Year 2022 and a sharing toast to a New You in the New Year!