Shelf Talking Episode 31 – National Poetry Month (04/03/2020)

April’s SHELF TALKING celebrates National Poetry Month with three fantastic writers!

Recorded live at Literati:
–John McCarthy reads from his sophomore collection Scared Violent Like Horses.
–Tracy Zeman reads a pair of long poems from her full-length debut Empire
–Ellen Stone shares pieces from her full-length debut What Is in the Blood

Book playlist: Noir

Noir: crime fiction featuring hard-boiled, cynical characters and dark settings. This is as perfect a time as any to get completely lost in the highly entertaining genre of 20th century American noir writing. Discover this vivid hard-boiled subset of the mystery genre — dark fiction featuring femme fatales, PI’s, and great murder mysteries. These authors are the best of the best, featuring a hand-picked selection of my favorites written by my favorites. —Vicki

Listen to this playlist to get you in the mood!

A note about our store closure...

We closed our bookstore yesterday to the public, indefinitely. At first, it was a very difficult decision. Then, it suddenly became easy: We have heard of people getting sick around town, I have a six week old and a 21 month old and two older parents (sorry for calling you "older," Mom&Dad), and the decision became easy. As a community space where many people congregate, given so many more public places were closing, we did not feel comfortable potentially contributing to the spread of this virus. 

Shelf Talking Episode 30 – Grace Talusan and Alexander Weinstein (03/06/2020)

Spring forward with an all-new SHELF TALKING!

Recorded live at Literati:
–Grace Talusan shares an excerpt from her memoir The Body Papers
–Alexander Weinstein reads the story “Infinite Realities” from his collection Universal Love

Shelf Talking is produced by Mike and Hilary Gustafson with John Ganiard, Bennet Johnson, and Sam Krowchenko
Our theme songs are “Orange and Red” and "Bonhomie" by Pity Sex (2016, Run for Cover Records)