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Clubs & Subscriptions

Book Subscriptions

  • Seeking a great gift for a book lover? We offer Literati Cultura: A Collector's Club -- a signed first-editions subscription. Every month we ship a new signed first edition! We offer two subscriptions: An ongoing subscription plan, and a pre-paid gift subscription. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and holidays!
  • We also recently started Literati Insisto, our new paperback subscription club that features books from indie and small publishers! We have an ongoing subscription plan and a pre-paid gift subscription plan as well. 
  • Please note that at this time, we do not have a children's book subscription program or club, and we are not affiliated with any company that does so. 


Book Clubs

We offer four different in-store book clubs that meet throughout the year. Our book clubs are free and open to the public. Purchase a current book club title from us and receive 15% off.

  • The Literati Book Club is a general book club that discusses a range of genres. We alternate between current fiction and non-fiction, sometimes poetry.

  • The Feminist Book Club is a club that discusses a book by a woman about women. 
  • The Eco Book Club discusses matters about sustainability, climate change, and the environment and environmental issues.
  • The Poetry Book Club discusses poetry.