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Morningstar: Growing Up with Books (Hardcover)

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morningstar : growing up with books        

“My parents learned about life from hardship. Me? I learned from books.”

Like many of us, at an early age Ann Hood discovered the magic of books and they became her constant companions. Throughout her life they provided inspiration, hope and a way to understand the rapidly changing world outside of her small hometown. Hood shares the critical moments of her life and the book(s) that had the greatest influence. Some taught her how to dream of "something different", some opened doors and showed her the importance of asking "why", others taught her about politics and sex. Many gave her the courage to follow her dreams. This compact often touching memoir is a compelling testament to the transformational power of books.

Ann Hood’s morningstar is perfect for anyone who has read a life-changing book, loves the feel of a book in-hand and immediately notices that special “bookstore smell”.

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In her admired works of fiction, including the recent The Book That Matters Most, Ann Hood explores the transformative power of literature. Now, with warmth and honesty, Hood reveals the personal story behind these beloved novels.

Growing up in a mill town in Rhode Island, in a household that didn't foster a love of literature, Hood discovered nonetheless the transformative power of books. She learned to channel her imagination, ambitions, and curiosity by devouring ever-growing stacks. In Morningstar, Hood recollects how The Bell Jar, Marjorie Morningstar, The Harrad Experiment, and The Outsiders influenced her teen psyche and introduced her to topics that could not be discussed at home: desire, fear, sexuality, and madness. Later, Johnny Got His Gun and The Grapes of Wrath dramatically influenced her political thinking, while the Vietnam War and the Kent State shootings became headline news and classics such as Dr. Zhivago and Les Mis rables stoked her ambitions to travel the world. With characteristic insight and charm, Hood showcases the ways in which books gave her life and can transform--even save--our own lives.

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ISBN: 9780393254815
ISBN-10: 039325481X
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date: August 2017
Pages: 192
Language: English