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Wei wu Wei Ching (Paperback)

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"This book is an attempt to put a collection of diamond cutting tools in the pocket of anyone who seriously wants to make use of them to realize enlightenment, the Self, Big Mind." from the Introduction Wei wu wei, or "doing non-doing", is the central liberating idea of Zen, Ch'an, Taoism, and -- under whatever name -- most every other enlightenment tradition in the world. From decades of reading in them all, Brian Browne Walker, author of beloved translations of the I Ching, Tao te Ching, Hua hu Ching, and Art of War, has formulated a subtle, calming set of teachings designed to usher the practitioner through the back door of realization. That door, the ancients teach us, is always left ajar. Designed to be read in an ordinary manner or consulted as an oracle in the fashion of the I Ching, Wei wu Wei Ching is also available as an app for iPhone, iPad, and all Android phones and tablets via the store at In this tradition of wei wu wei, we don't have a thing to offer you. That is why you can rely upon it for everything.
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ISBN: 9780982599358
ISBN-10: 0982599358
Publisher: Brian Browne Walker Books
Publication Date: July 4th, 2013
Pages: 148
Language: English