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Foundations of Internal Alchemy: The Taoist Practice of Neidan (Paperback)

Foundations of Internal Alchemy: The Taoist Practice of Neidan Cover Image
By Fabrizio Pregadio (Editor), Wang Mu
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Originally written for Chinese readers, this book provides a clear description of the Taoist practice of Internal Alchemy, or Neidan. The author outlines the four stages of the alchemical practice and clarifies several relevant terms and notions, including Essence, Breath, and Spirit; the Cinnabar Fields; the "Fire Times"; and the Embryo. The book is based on the system of the Wuzhen pian (Awakening to Reality), one of the main sources of Internal Alchemy, and contains about two hundred quotations from original Taoist texts.

Table of Contents

Foreword, vii

The Basis: Essence and Spirit, 3

The Four Stages, 13
"Laying the Foundations," 15
Main Points in the Practice of "Laying the Foundations," 20
The Functions of Essence, Breath, and Spirit, 36
Terms Related to the "Coagulation of the Three Treasures," 52
Conclusion of the Stage of "Laying the Foundations," 63
"Refining Essence to Transmute it into Breath," 65
"Refining Breath to Transmute it into Spirit," 99
"Refining Spirit to Return to Emptiness," 109

The "Arts of the Way," 121

Tables, 123
Glossary of Chinese Characters, 133.

About the Author

Wang Mu (1908-92) received the Longmen ordination in his youth. He taught Internal Alchemy (Neidan) and, in his own country, was held in high regard by both practitioners and Taoist scholars. He served as a board member of the China Taoist Association and was for some time in charge of its research activities. He is known outside China mainly for his annotated edition of the "Wuzhen pian" (Awakening to Reality), the text at the basis of the outline of Internal Alchemy that he provides in the present book.
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