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Effective Family Office: Best Practices and Beyond (Paperback)

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Effective Family Office: Best Practices and Beyond, describes how the most innovative and successful single family offices respond to a turbulent world, uncertain economy, threats from cyber and terrorist attacks, constantly evolving regulations, tax structures and risks, as well as challenging family dynamics and unprecedented rates of wealth creation. Author Angelo Robles, founder and CEO of Family Office Association and Effective Family Office, excavates the most effective tools, policies, procedures and family and organizational culture that new and existing SFOs embrace to achieve and maintain excellence. "It all boils down to people," Robles says. "Effective, Resilient and Adaptive are the three building blocks of stunning SFO success: Finding effective people, managing them to embrace a resilient mindset and creating an adaptive culture are the building blocks of success in an SFO.

About the Author

Angelo Robles is founder and CEO of the Greenwich CT based Family Office Association (FOA), one of the world's largest and most exclusive global membership organizations dedicated to families of exceptional success and their single family offices. Additionally, as the founder of data-driven Family Office Statistics and the family office think tank, Effective Family Office, and author of book by the same name, Robles's expertise is often sought by media outlets such as Bloomberg Television, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Institutional Investor and others. Robles continues to lead in the single family office community with creative thinking on the future of the family office via proprietary research, original writing, masterclasses and workshops, global programming and his regular Podcast (Angelo Robles's Effective Family Office Podcast on iTunes). Additionally, Robles personally advises a small number of global families and single family office executives on achieving maximum effectiveness. In servicing a community historically limited on transformative and creative best practices and beyond thinking, Robles is radically redefining family offices globally by converging effectiveness, resiliency and adaptiveness with leadership, culture and people. Robles helps educate, position and provide resources to families, family office executives and those who service the community in being prepared and extraordinary.
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ISBN: 9780999132203
ISBN-10: 0999132202
Publisher: Family Office Publishing
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2017
Pages: 114
Language: English