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Quickbooks: The Beginner's Guide to Master Bookkeeping and Accounting for Small Businesses (Paperback)

Quickbooks: The Beginner's Guide to Master Bookkeeping and Accounting for Small Businesses Cover Image
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Are you a small or medium-sized business owner or just thinking about starting one?

Did you know that tracking finances can be the most crucial and time-wasting problem you can have while running your business and you want to avoid it?

Or maybe you are wondering about the absolute best way to track the finances of your company?

If the answer is "Yes" to at least one of these questions, then keep reading...

We are more than happy to represent our most recent product: "QUICKBOOKS, The Beginner's Guide to Master Bookkeeping and Accounting for Small Businesses". A simple guide for "Quickbooks"- a software that was created for small and medium sizes businesses to achieve the best results using mostly free features.

Bookkeeping and accounting are super important for every existing business owner because it can require a lot of money to keep track of. Bills, salaries, various different earning charts, taxes, income, expenses and many many more. If you are smart about that you can save a lot of money which latter you can invest or keep it yourself instead of wasting money on counting money.

Millions of business owners are already using "Quickbooks" to get the maximum benefits of it and our goal was to create a product for them to save valuable time. A simple guide that will lead you through the main features and how to use it the best way possible. And we did it

Let's take a look at only a few things you will get out of this book:

  • A full explanation of the software and why you should use it
  • One golden benefit of hosting "Quickbooks"
  • Complete step-by-step guide of a software
  • Personal business advice tool for your business tracking
  • Employee hiring strategies and various methods for maximum benefits
  • Tips on how to avoid payroll problems in your business
  • Proven Marketing techniques explained
  • Superb time-tracking methods
  • Many many more...

Now let's answer a few questions you may have:


Why should I use this software over just simply counting and tracking everything myself?

Time - it is the most valuable resource and this software will save so much of it so you can spend more money and more resources on creating a successful business.

How this guide is going to help me to use this software?

Our motivation was to use and explain the simplest and most valuable methods of this software to save as much time as possible so the owner so he or she can start immediately.

Does this book have any other material that will benefit my business except for accounting and bookkeeping?

Yes, it does. As mentioned above our book has a separate plan for marketing, tips, and advice for hiring employees and even more than that

If you came to this point, you are definitely ready to dive into this software and explore the benefits using our amazing guide.

Don't wait, scroll up, click on "Buy Now" and start reading

Product Details
ISBN: 9781393427131
ISBN-10: 1393427138
Publisher: Draft2digital
Publication Date: September 11th, 2020
Pages: 126
Language: English