A Ghost in Shining Armor (Paperback)

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A Ghost in Shining Armor (Paperback)


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In this spellbinding romantic comedy from acclaimed author Therese Beharrie, a woman with a supernatural talent is haunted by one persistent spirit—and a seductive, impossible love . . .

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Once haunted . . .
Gemma Daniels has never been quite the “down to earth” woman her adoptive parents raised her to be. She even has a unique gift: she can see ghosts—and she likes helping them settle their unfinished business. But the hotter-than-hot stranger she impulsively kisses on a bet is not only a phantom, he's determined to help her. And the only way Gemma can explain his presence is to pretend they’re a real-life couple . . .

Twice shy . . .
Levi Walker lived—and died—to save his sister. Now he’s got a second chance at life if he assists Gemma in reuniting with her own long-lost sibling . . . and then never sees Gemma again. But as he starts to enjoy her irrepressible personality, he’s finding it hard to abide by any rules at all . . .

Third time’s the unforgettable charm . . .
Gemma is thrilled to be getting to know her sister, but it causes a family rift she may not be able to heal. On top of that, she’s falling for a ghost with a dilemma. For Levi must decide what loyalty—and living—is truly all about. To fix their mistakes, Gemma and Levi must risk being real with themselves—and each other—if they’re ever to claim true love . . .
Therese Beharrie is a South African romance author of several acclaimed novels, including And They Lived Happily Ever After and the One Day to Forever series. She takes pride in writing diverse characters and settings, and her books are often recommended for their heart and banter. She lives in Cape Town with her husband, her inspiration for every hero, and two adorable baby boys. Please follow her on social media or visit her at ThereseBeharrie.com.
Product Details ISBN: 9781420153408
ISBN-10: 1420153404
Publisher: Zebra
Publication Date: September 27th, 2022
Pages: 304
Language: English
Praise for A Ghost in Shining Armor

“Therese Beharrie writes the tenderest romances, and I love the sprinkle of magic she’s infused into her people-pleasing heroine, Gemma, and hero Levi, a man of few words, as they embark on an unconventional journey to help and understand not only each other, but themselves and their own honest needs. A sexy, emotional tale with a fun dash of the paranormal.” —Sarah Hogle, author of Just Like Magic

“Whimsical, clever, and laugh-out-loud funny, Therese Beharrie has yet again written the kind of cozy paranormal romance that feels perfectly pitched for our times!” Kate Clayborn

Therese Beharrie's books are some of the most thoughtful romances available, full of warmth, wit, and careful consideration of her characters' lives and desires. She's a fresh voice romance readers will adore, and one that our genre very much needs. —Olivia Dade

Perfect for anyone who loves hot ghosts, personal growth, and non-stop laughter. A quirky, fantastical romance grounded by Beharrie’s trademark tenderness. I adored the feisty, vulnerable heroine on the emotional journey of a lifetime. —Talia Hibbert

Praise for And They Lived Happily Ever After

“Who hasn’t wanted their dreams (especially the steamy ones) to become reality? Gaia’s backstory as a child of the foster care system may also ring true for some, and provide a candor often lacking in the romance world…Less subjective is the sexy tension between Gaia and Jacob, her best friend’s younger brother. That push-and-pull is undeniably the stuff great romances are made of.” USA Today, Best New Rom-Coms

“Imagine dreaming about a hot guy, but the guy can also dream with you.”Buzzfeed
"Therese Beharrie’s And They Lived Happily Ever After is a similarly fresh take on speculative romance: It follows a romance-writing heroine who lives out her narratives every night via dream. What happens when she writes a real-life man—her best friend’s little brother—into the love story? I highly recommend you read it and find out." USA Today bestselling author Talia Hibbert

"Therese Beharrie’s lovely And They Lived Happily Ever After is a warm, witty book... I happily fell under this touching story’s spell." —Olivia Dade, author of Spoiler Alert

“Therese Beharrie digs deeper into the multilayered magic of her latest romance...The magic of the story comes from Gaia learning to choose that real, scary, vivid life over the safety of her imagination. In Beharrie's wonderful romance, real love is even better than magic.” Bookpage

“Beharrie's dreams-into-books idea is clever and the best-friend’s brother trope is especially appealing as enacted by Jacob and Gaia. Rom-com fans who like a little magic may enjoy this one…Author Beharrie is an author to watch.” Booklist

“Beharrie delivers an ambitious story of magic, romance, and healing from past trauma…Anxious Gaia’s difficult background and social awkwardness will endear her to many readers…This quirky paranormal rom-com is sure to find an audience.” Publishers Weekly

“Beharrie weaves her best magic when she unpacks the ways the protagonists’ minds and hearts work. Jacob and Gaia’s interactions are consistently compelling, and their internal struggles evoke empathy… Gaia’s relationship with romance novels allows Beharrie to tug at the threads of the genre’s long journey through changing times and doff her hat to its many charms…A sweet reminder of the connections between love and magic.” Kirkus Reviews

“Sometimes authors can take a motif and explore its numerous meanings in a way that is both unassuming and delightful. In Therese Beharrie’s And They Lived Happily Ever After, the author achieves this feat by traversing the realm of dreams—real and imaginary.” Black Girls Create