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The Robots Are Coming! (Paperback)

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Artificial intelligence is changing our world. Robots are already starting to take jobs away from humans. The robotic arms on Detroit assembly lines and the sex robots in Japanese brothels are just a glimpse of the future. Learn how robots will threaten the very foundation of the American economy and how robotic soldiers and robotic eldercare workers will become common. How will these robots change American society and culture? Will the future include robot judges, robot voters, robot mistresses, and even families that include robot spouses and robot children? What will the future of humanity be in a world where robots will surpass human intelligence?

THE ROBOTS ARE COMING describes the revolution robots are creating in the sex industry as well as the threat they pose to capitalism. What will the vast majority of workers do when they are unemployed? How will the government collect enough revenue to perform its duties? Robots' impact on society and culture will be enormous. This book examines their impact on the traditional family structure, the legal system, and democracy itself once these machines achieve consciousness.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732096103
ISBN-10: 1732096104
Publisher: Stanley Schatt
Publication Date: April 17th, 2018
Pages: 106
Language: English