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Minimalist Budget, Money Management Skills and Minimalism & Decluttering: A Guide for Beginners on Managing Bad Credit, Debt, Saving & Personal Financ (Paperback)

Minimalist Budget, Money Management Skills and Minimalism & Decluttering: A Guide for Beginners on Managing Bad Credit, Debt, Saving & Personal Financ Cover Image
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3 Books in 1

In this book you'll find:

Minimalist Budget Book 1:

How do you apply minimalism to your finances? The short answer is that it begins with a paradigm shift and it ends with better management of your finances.

Minimalism at its core is all about living with less but still getting more. At the heart of the minimalist budget is a perspective on getting more quality out of each purchase. It requires the habit of spending money on things that really matter to you ergo a change in the point of view as to why you spend and then you change how you spend.

This book will teach you about:

What a minimalist budget is, its functions, and its benefits

How you can use any budget and then tweak it to become a minimalist budget

Lots of budgeting tips the minimalist way

The financial formula for minimalist budgeting success

How to handle your emotions when you're emotionally triggered to spend money out of control

How to get out of debt

Note that these principles are told from a very personal level and they're drawn from the experiences of the author.

Minimalist Budget Book 2:

Close to half of the United States population rely on debt to sustain the quality of their lives.

Now, a huge part of your ability to make those debts are based on your Credit Score.

Can you image how your life would be like with a bad one?

What about a stellar one?

Imagine all the doors that would open to you with a credit score that's close to "Very Good" in the official rating

This is what this book is all about - helping you achieve financial stability not just through the numbers in your bank account but also through the perceptions of society. Our goal is to put you in such a strong financial position that your next debt or mortgage will be approved without questions and even better - with a low interest rate. Here you will find not just generalized information - but a deep insight into your credit score.

A step by step guide should arm you with everything you need as you navigate through the Credit Bureaus and the confusing system currently being followed by financial institutions.

Through this book, you will find out how your credit score is computed, what affects your credit score, how to improve that score - and how to sustain an impressive score. Read on and take your first step towards financial stability

Minimalism and Decluttering Book 3:

Minimalism and Decluttering is just the book you need to learn about the:

Numerous ways that minimalism and decluttering can help you enjoy your life to the fullest

Basic tips for decluttering your home and making it your haven of comfort

Effective techniques for cutting back on social media and actually living your life offline

Easy strategies to help you manage your finances and avoid wasting money

Essential tips for simplifying your diet and becoming healthy without ruining your budget

Useful tricks for making over your wardrobe and your outlook in life

Trouble-free ways you can simplify your travel necessities

Sensible ways you can care for your personal needs while caring for the environment

You might be overwhelmed with the current state of your home, finances, and lifestyle, but rest assured that this book will guide you through the whole process of making over your home, getting yourself out of the social media rabbit hole, taking charge of your money, simplifying your diet, style, and travel habits, and becoming more aware of your impact on the environment.

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Publication Date: December 14th, 2020
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