The Ultimate Kindergarten Prep Guide: A complete resource guide with fun and educational activities to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten (Early Learning #5) (Paperback)

"Full of great ideas and practical advice..."

-Dr. Sue Groesbeck, Recognized Educational Leader

"Chock full of easy to follow activities to help moms... I highly recommend this resource."

-Amy McCaulley, M.Ed., Principal

"This is an amazing resource ...he will be more than prepared for kindergarten"

-Kit Wittner, Certified Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten is just around the corner. Is your preschooler prepared? Help your child feel excited, confident, and well-prepared for this new adventure.

You no longer have to waste time searching for age-appropriate activities. Now you can enjoy the ultimate collection of kid-tested fun that can be ready in minutes

Autumn McKay, author of The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide, is a mother of 3 and understands the pressure to expand a child's learning amidst a hectic schedule. As a former schoolteacher, she has created The Ultimate Kindergarten Prep Guide with low-prep activities that are proven to spark a child's interest and curiosity while preparing them for kindergarten.


SAVE TIME - You no longer need to spend hours searching for what your preschooler needs to know for kindergarten; now you have a quick guide for fun and learning with your preschooler

LEARN THROUGH PLAY - These short educational activities engage and prepare your preschooler for kindergarten to make learning enjoyable.

GIVE YOUR CHILD A HEAD START - Your preschooler is naturally curious, so help your child discover what they will learn in kindergarten through new experiences.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD INCLUDED - A download code is included for the full-color printouts. And you can print out your child's favorite activity as many times as you want.


✅ This book includes 170+ activities

✅ There are 5 subject areas: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Life Skills.

✅ Each activity has a materials list and detailed directions.

✅ There are 114 low prep activities--that means the prep time is only 1 or 2 minutes

✅ The book has 88 handouts that correlate with specific activities.

✅ Education Standards were used as a guide when developing the activities to address foundational skills needed.


✅ Sure These activities are made for busy moms A few minutes will be needed to round up the supplies.

✅ Each activity takes about 10-20 minutes.

✅ If certain days are busy for you, schedule around them and plan to do the activities on days that work best for you and your child.

✅ Of course, there are days when things feel too hectic, but just hang in there We may feel too busy to do the activities, but our children aren't too busy to learn and have fun

Hours of fun are waiting for you and your preschooler Help your child feel excited about kindergarten and calm your nerves by clicking the BUY NOW button.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781952016066
ISBN-10: 1952016061
Publisher: Creative Ideas Publishing
Publication Date: February 5th, 2020
Pages: 376
Language: English
Series: Early Learning