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Coronavirus Updates and FAQs

During these uncertain times, we are first and foremost grateful for the outpouring of support from our customers and our community near and far.

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For follow up on, or concerns regarding an order, contact (Please include your order number for already-placed orders.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's happening now?

We are still taking online orders! Though are physical storefront is closed, our staff is processing book orders, as as well fulfilling merchandise and gift card orders. Book orders will be fulfilled through our distributor or through curbside pickup, and all online sales will still support the store

How are online orders being fulfilled now?

If you place an order on our website, your book(s) will either ship directly from the distributor warehouse straight to you OR be put together for curbside pickup. Our distributor can only fulfill orders for titles they carry and have in stock, or will have in stock soon. We cannot ship orders for magazines, puzzles, or other items or distributor does not carry. Please be aware that our distributor and the US Postal Service are both experiencing delays due to the high volume of orders and packages being shipped.

Can I use a gift card to pay for my online order?

In order to minimize the number of staff working in our store, we have switched to using our distributor, Ingram, to fulfill and ship book orders directly from their warehouse to our customers. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to apply gift cards to those orders being direct-shipped to you at this time.

**If you are placing an order for curbside pickup, we can take your gift card for payment. You'll need to enter your credit card as the payment type in case your gift card doesn't cover the whole amount, but put a note in the Comment field that you would like to use your gift card and include the gift card number. It will be something like G 2020113.**

How long will my online order take to arrive?

We are unable to predict exactly how long it will take. Normally, orders are fulfilled by our distributor in a few business days, and items shipped Media Mail (the $3.95 shipping option) spend about 5 days in transit. So, online orders under normal times take approximately 8 business days total on average. However, customers are reporting their orders are sometimes taking twice as long, if not longer. (Priority Mail, normally 2-3 business days in transit, may or may not be faster, although generally seems to be.) We can always check on your order for you, but do be aware that these delays are fairly common. Our distributor and the US Postal Service are both overwhelmed at the moment. We appreciate your patience.

Does a “completed” or “completed by warehouse” status on my order indicate that I should have received it? 

No, that means that items on your order have been pulled for shipment and your credit card has been charged. It can take several days for the items to be prepped for shipping and a tracking number issued, depending on the volume of orders the distributor is processing.  You can request your tracking number by writing

How can I support Literati right now?

  • Please continue to place orders for books, merchandise, and gift cards! (Note: gift cards cannot be used for orders being shipped at this time.)
  • Donate to our GoFundMe

How else can I support Literati?

  • Follow us on social media
  • Sign up for our email newsletter and our postcard mailer
  • Share on social media that we're still fulfiling orders and that we're taking donations

How can I support other small businesses and the Ann Arbor community?

Many of the businesses on our block are still operational and offering their services! For more information about other Ann Arbor businesses and their operations during this time, click here to read updates from the Main Street Area Association.

  • Dear Golden is still taking orders on their Etsy shop and offering free domestic shipping using the code FREESHIPUS at checkout
  • Spencer is offering carry out and is working on delivery service coming soon
  • VGKids, our local printer, is offering a Cringe Tee to help support their staff! Pre-order here

Many local organizations are fundraising and working to address the needs of the most vulnerable during this time. 

Updates and Notes from Our Owners

UPDATE: 3/23, 11:00am EST: 

Governor Whitmer has issued a "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive order that requires us to cease most in-person business operations until April 13th. However, we are working on processing all our current web orders for titles that we have in the store and any additional books or items will be fulfilled through our distributor. Web orders placed afer 11:00am 3/23 will be sent direct to your home from our distributor, although sales still do support the store - please continue to order if you want to support Literati! Any merchandise or gift card orders will be fulfilled by us. Some more details:

We are still accepting web orders!! Books sales support the bookstore, but are primarily fulfilled through our distributor.  How it works:

1) Find a book on our website that you want to read. 

2) Place an order!

3) Books ship from one of the distributor warehouses direct to your home. 

Please note: If you order multiple titles, often they are only available in separate warehouses, in which case books will ship in separate packages. 

For Merchandise and Gift cards: 

1) Orders still fulfilled through Literati Bookstore same as usual

For people who have already placed an order and we haven't yet processed it:

1) Those will likely be processed in the store if we have the book in stock. 

2) If we need to special order your book we will likely cascade the order to our distributor for fulfillment as long as they have the title in stock. We will contact you if this is the case. 

For any questions, please reach out to us at

If you have questions please reach out to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for all your support this past week. It has meant the world to us to see so many well wishes and notes of support from our customers and friends of the store. Sending love. 


UPDATE: 3/16, 4:04pm EST:

We are so, so, so grateful for all of your support so far. This helps us keep going. 

We have received over 800+ web orders. We normally get 5-10 a day. This outpouring of support is, simply put, amazing. We are processing these as quickly as we can. There will be some delays, as we have a small staff trying their best to process them all. We will do it. We are working hard. Thank you for your patience and for giving us a fighting chance. We are grateful to be in this community of book lovers. 


UPDATE: 3/14, 4:17pm EST

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has placed web orders the past few days. Please be patient as our small staff tackles these -- it will take us a few days to process all of them! Stay tuned for updates and we thank you all so much for your cooperation and support.


UPDATE: 3/13, 6:50pm EST

We have been wonderfully overwhelmed with the amount of online orders we have received. We will gladly tackle these orders in the coming days. Please be patient as we work through them all and know we are doing our best.

If you want to support us via online orders, it's best to order books that say "ON OUR SHELVES NOW" -- that reflects our current inventory as closely as possible. We can ship out those books much faster than books we'll be ordering, since being closed, we won't be doing much ordering to begin with. 

This has been a hugely emotional day. Thank you for all your support.

Mike and Hilary and all of Literati


UPDATE: 3/13, 1:20pm EST:

In the interest of public health and safety, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to close our store indefinitely, effective immediately.

We are concerned about our community and our staff safety. We will continue to fulfill web orders at this time with $1 shipping. If you have already placed an order (as of 3/13) and chosen in-store pick up, please email us with your address so we can ship the book to you. Gift cards can be honored online as well by entering the gift card number into the comment field on the web order.

Your online support helps us immeasurably. Please stay tuned to social media and our newsletter for updates to come.



UPDATE: To our customers: 

In accordance with developing COVID-19 responses in Michigan, as of today (March 11th) all in-store event programming, including book clubs, at Literati Bookstore has been canceled through the remainder of the month. In the coming weeks, we will assess events scheduled to occur in the month of April. We will look into digital meetups for currently scheduled book clubs. 

Canceling our events is difficult, but it is a necessary precautionary step and social distancing measure undertaken in the interest of public health. As a community space, we want to remain proactive as this situation continues to develop in Southeast Michigan to make sure we are keeping vulnerable members of our communities safe. 

Currently, Literati remains open normal hours and is implementing additional precautions. Additional cleaning protocols will be undertaken by booksellers, which will include regularly sanitizing surfaces and high-trafficked areas. Literati Coffee is moving to cashless transactions. Media Mail shipping rates will be reduced to $1 for online purchases. Additional changes will likely be announced in the coming days and weeks, so please stay tuned. 

Thank you for your continued support--

Literati Bookstore