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Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup information:

After you've placed your order online you will receive a confirmation from us that your order has been received. Once your book requests have been delivered to us at the store from the warehouse and we have finalized processing your order, you will receive another email from us letting you know your order is ready to be picked up. When you arrive to pick up your order, please come to the front counter of the store where it will be waiting for you.

We are currently about a week behind in processing, due to warehouse and shipping delays during the pandemic.

To ensure the fastest possible fulfillment of your order, we recommend using a credit card as payment type. The following things *may* delay your order due to special handling:
A) Using a gift card 
B) Applying frequent buyer credit
C) Gift messages

If you need to reach us, please email If you haven’t heard from us yet, don’t panic! We are working as hard as we can on your order and will be in touch soon. 


More detailed information on ordering and pickup:

Search for books to order here.

To protect our staff, we will be keeping the number of booksellers present on site to an absolute minimum. For this reason, we remain unable to consistently keep up with phone calls, and appreciate your understanding as we ask that questions be sent via email to, for response by one of our remote booksellers. Please allow our crew 1-3 days to process and collect your online orders of in stock items.

Curbside Pickup FAQs

Q: Can I place an order over the phone or by email?

A: At this time, orders can ONLY be placed online through the Literati website and must be paid for in advance with a credit card. When checking out, choose curbside pickup as delivery method. We will email you with instructions for pickup once your order is ready. If you search for a book on our website that results in this message: “Email or call 734-585-5567 for price,” you won’t be able to order that book on our website since there is no option to “add to cart”.  In these instances, please follow the directions to email or call the store and a staff member will let you know if it’s possible for us to order the book(s) in question.

Q: Can I pick up the part of my order that is in stock before the items that need to be ordered?

A: Sorry, no. To limit physical interaction, we are not able to accommodate the pickup of partial orders. We are working hard to get all of the books in your order, and we will let you know as soon as your entire order is ready for pickup.

Q: Can I pay for my curbside order with a gift card?

A: Yes, we can take your gift card for payment! You'll need to enter your credit card as the payment type in case your gift card doesn't cover the whole amount. Enter your gift card number in the "Store Gift Card" field. It will be something like G 2020113.

Q: I just placed an order for an in-stock item. How long before I can pick it up? 

A: Please allow us at least 1-3 days to process the order. Once the order is ready for pick-up, we will email you with a confirmation and instructions. Once you receive email confirmation that your order is ready for curbside pickup, you will have two weeks to come by and pick it up, unless other arrangements are made.

Q: I just placed an order for an out-of-stock item. How long before it will be ready for pick-up? 

A: We will process your order within 1-3 days and email you with an estimate for how long we think it will take for the item(s) to arrive. Please keep in mind that these are only estimates and that there have been delays in shipping from vendors due to safety standards put into place. 

Q: Can I still order online to have shipped to my home even if I’m local? 

A: Absolutely. You can choose media mail or USPS priority upon checkout.