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At Home with Literati: U of M English Creative Writing Sub-concentration Reading pt. 2!

Literati is excited to welcome students in the University of Michigan English Department’s Creative Writing Sub-concentration for a night of poetry and prose readings!

Click here to join the webinar event on 4/10.

Note: we are now hosting on Zoom webinars. You will be prompted to enter a first name and email upon joining. You may then see a window reading "waiting for host to start webinar," but sit tight--you will be admitted as soon as we begin broadcasting live! You will be able to submit questions using the Q&A feature.

Students in the Creative Writing Sub-concentration spend their senior year working with faculty to complete a creative thesis of poetry or fiction. These collections, similar in size to MFA theses, are first attempts to create book-length manuscripts. The event will be hosted by the program’s director, Cody Walker. Readers include:

Nina Molina is a senior English major with a sub-concentration in creative writing and a minor in political science. Her writing days began with her first-grade diaries, also commencing her frightful relationship with spelling. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in journalism and fiction writing. In her free time, she enjoys reading, taking pictures of her housemate’s cat, and nicknaming people she has just met.

Mina Kambakhsh is an environmentalist and multi-modal artist. She has cherished many of the literary and cultural experiences that the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor has offered her, especially the New England Literature Program and the Great Lakes Arts, Cultures, and Environments interdisciplinary program. She will be graduating with a degree in English and an eagerness to enter post-covid life in Portland, Oregon, where she has been writing and studying remotely.

Becca Wyeth is a senior studying English and creative writing with a minor in history. She writes character-driven stories about families and relationships living in various settings and eras that she uses to explore her historical interests. Her work has appeared in Story and she has received a few Hopwood AwardsAfter graduation, Becca aspires to write and read—both for business and for pleasure—as well as travel, improve upon her baking skills, finally learn to play her pan flute, and get a dog that she will name after Nana from Peter Pan.

Kailyn Bondoni is here,” and she has spent her four years in college writing that phrase on the backs of CVS receipts and whispering it into sidewalk gutters, and in this, her senior year, Kailyn is adapting to changing it to past tense in her transition to faraway lands after college. Double majoring in English with a sub-concentration in Creative Writing and Film, TV, and Media studies with a sub-major in Screenwriting and double minoring in Writing and PitE, Kailyn is changing her mantra to “Kailyn Bondoni is a writer,” and she intends to keep this promise to herself moving forward into life.

Catherine Groenke is a senior at the University of Michigan graduating with a BA in English with a sub-concentration in creative writing. She is currently in Army ROTC and will commission as a second lieutenant into the Army’s aviation branch. In her limited free time, Catherine enjoys reading horror, writing fantasy, and running too many miles around Ann Arbor.

Michael Watkins is a snowbird who wishes he knew what lay further than a few feet in front of his beak. If he were not a bird, but instead a giant with hairy feet, he would swing from the branches of large trees while eating an apple.

Sam Small is a senior at the University of Michigan studying English with a sub-concentration in creative writing and a minor in music. On occasion, she moonlights as an arts and culture journalist, podcast producer, and investigative reporter. She has worked for numerous publications including The Michigan DailyTalkhouseConsequence of SoundUnder the Radar Magazine, and Spectrum Culture. Her other skills include playing Guitar Hero’s “Through the Fire and Flames” on expert, exclusively sporting mixed-matched socks, and a god-given talent for throwing elbows in a mosh pit. 

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Saturday, April 10, 2021 - 7:00pm
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