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Literati Bookstore Presents David Sedaris!


Attendance raffle has ended and winners have been notified, so attendance to the reading is full. You can still get a free signing line ticket below to meet Mr. Sedaris later the same evening!

On June 8th at 5pm, Literati is thrilled to welcome David Sedaris back to Ann Arbor and to Literati Bookstore as he tours independent bookstores across the country in support of his latest essay collection, Calypso!

Calypso will go on sale at Literati on 5/29, and we will have additional copies of all David's books available for purchase on June 8th to all signing line ticket holders. 

To eliminate long lines and time spent in them, we will call signing line numbers up by groups via our twitter account (@literatibkstore) to join the line at our store, so that you can explore downtown Ann Arbor (or avoid the weather) while you wait.

David is willing to sign as long as there are still people in line (four years ago our signing went into the early morning the following day)! David is incredibly gracious and takes his time with each person in line, so please do note that we expect him to sign late into the evening. 

Click here, or click the button below to get a signing line ticket. 


Q: Why are you doing a raffle for attendance? 
A: Not everyone receives our newsletter at the same time, and there are very limited seats which would be snapped up near-instantly.  A raffle increases your chance to attend!

Q: How will raffle winners be notified? 
A: You'll receive an email directly from Literati, with a special ticket attachment. We ask that winners arrive, ticket-in-hand, no later than 4:55pm on June 8th to be allowed into the store to your seat, otherwise your seat may be given away. Seating is first come, first serve.

Q: I purchased a priority signing line ticket, when do I pick up my book?
A: You can pick up your book beginning 5/29 at Literati Bookstore, just show your signing line ticket. You can also pick up your book the night of the event when you join the line (please note Literati will be closed during the day on the 8th to set up for the event). 

Q: How do I find my signing line number?
It will appear on your ticket as Sec: Space in Line, Row: LINE, Seat: (1, 2, 99,etc., this is your number in the line) 

Q: I purchased a priority signing line ticket, my ticket is signing line number #47, does this mean I'll be the 47th person to get their book signed overall? 
A: Not exactly. Following David's reading in the store, guests attending the reading (those who won the raffle) will be first through the signing line. Then, ticket numbers will be called to line up at the store in groups, starting with the earliest priority signing line ticket numbers. 

Q: I don't have twitter, and I don't want twitter. 
A: No problem! Access our feed on any mobile browser at the day of the event! 

Q: I would like to enter the signing line, but I don't necessarily want to purchase a hardcover copy of Calypso in advance, is this possible? 
A: Yes. Free, general signing line tickets become available when the priority signing line ticket offer ends on 4/27 at 5pm.

Q: Do I need a signing line ticket to enter the signing line? 
A: Yes. We encourage you to go through Brown Paper Tickets to get a signing line ticket. Free tickets will become available when the priority signing line ticket off ends on 4/27 at 5pm. Note that those who purchased the priority signing line ticket receive the initial signing line numbers.  We will be calling ticket holders up by groups according to their assigned numbers, via our twitter, until there are no more numbers to call.  This helps us stay in fire code and eliminate long lines and your time spent waiting in one.

Q: Are we expected to line up exactly according to our numbers?
A: No. We simply want to eliminate waiting in a longer line by calling guests up in groups. You're welcome to self-police outside while you initially form a line to be let inside, but once you're let inside the store, we will not be reorganizing guests by exact signing line number.  

Q: I have a pretty high signing line number. What time will I get my book signed??
A: We don't know. We expect David to be signing late into the night. Also, the wait will be WORTH IT. David is incredibly gracious and generous with his time to *everyone* in the line. We encourage you to enjoy and hang out in our great downtown neighborhood while you wait. 

Q: I can't make the event or signing line, can I still get a book signed? 
A: Yes, call Literati bookstore at 734-585-5567 to make a purchase, or order a David Sedaris title online at, and indicate you would like the book signed at the event. There will be no refunds for these orders. We will notify you when your order is ready to be picked up if you elect to pick-up in the store following the event.

Event date: 
Friday, June 8, 2018 - 5:00pm
Event address: 
124 E. Washington St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104