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How to place an online order

How to place an order.
Search for books by author or book title in the upper right corner of this page. Click on add to cart. You will be directed to the checkout page, where you can add more titles to your order by clicking on contine shopping or proceed to checkout.

Payment types and special handling: to ensure the fastest possible fulfillment of your order, we recommend using a credit card as payment type. The following things *may* delay your order due to special handling:
A) Using a gift card 
B) Applying frequent buyer credit
C) Gift messages

Note: to ensure we can process the influx of orders as quickly as possible, we will not be available to answer questions over the phone. If you need to reach us, please email

How are online orders being fulfilled now?
If you place an order on our website, your book(s) will either ship straight to you OR be put together for curbside pickup. Please be aware that our distributor and the US Postal Service are both experiencing delays due to the high volume of orders and packages being shipped.

Can I use a gift card to pay for my online order?
Yes, we can take your gift card for payment! You'll need to enter your credit card as the payment type in case your gift card doesn't cover the whole amount. Enter your gift card number in the "Store Gift Card" field. It will be something like G 2020113.

How long will my online order take to arrive?
We are unable to predict exactly how long it will take. Normally, orders are fulfilled by our distributor in a few business days, and items shipped Media Mail (the $3.95 shipping option) spend about 5 days in transit. Under normal times, online orders take approximately 8 business days on average. However, customers are reporting their orders are sometimes taking twice as long, if not longer. (Priority Mail, normally 2-3 business days in transit, may or may not be faster, although generally seems to be.) We can always check on your order for you, but do be aware that these delays are fairly common. Our distributor and the US Postal Service are both overwhelmed at the moment. We appreciate your patience.

Does a “completed” or “completed by warehouse” status on my order indicate that I should have received it? 
No, that means that items on your order have been pulled for shipment and your credit card has been charged. It can take several days for the items to be prepped for shipping and a tracking number issued, depending on the volume of orders the distributor is processing. When your order has arrived from the warehouse to our store, you will receive a second email from us letting you know your order is ready to be picked up. You can request your tracking number by writing