Jobs at Literati

Full Time Bookseller/Inventory Assistant 
The Bookseller/Inventory Assistant should be highly detail-oriented and be able to regularly and effectively communicate with team members. Duties are a mix of Bookselling and Inventory responsibilities as outlined below. Position would meet regularly with the inventory and receiving managers to assess priority needs for the department.  The role will include a mix of bookselling shifts on the floor and office duties for the inventory team. Previous Bookselling experience preferred. This is a full-time position. Must be able to work 40 hours a week and flexible availability is necessary. Office hours will take place during the week, but bookselling could be a mix of weekdays and weekends either 9:30am-3pm or 3pm-8:30pm. 

Bookseller Responsibilities & Duties: 
Effective Communication with staff and customers including: 

  • Shift check-in with floor manager at the beginning of each shift and review to-do list and the priorities for the day.
  • Continual communication with other booksellers during shifts to ensure customer needs are being fulfilled.
  • Greeting customers when they enter the store, asking customers if they need assistance when browsing, providing directions to sections, and giving recommendations. 
  • Keeping a positive and friendly attitude with both staff and customers. 

Customer Service
Provide excellent customer service for Literati Bookstore through:

  • Engagement with customers about books, literature, and our related product lines.
  • Provide support in locating titles in store or placing special orders.
  • Ringing customers up at the registers, encouraging sign-up for our frequent buyer program and e-newsletter, and informing them of our events during check-out. 
  • Being aware and available to help customers throughout shifts regardless of other tasks. 

Store Organization and Merchandising 

  • Shelving, re-stocking and merchandising inventory as outlined in our shelving standards and guidelines during your shift.
  • Alphabetize and flush sections per to-do list schedule.
  • Keep tables, displays, fixtures well stocked and organized.
  • General housekeeping and cleaning duties including, but not limited to, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and sanitizing.

Book and Industry Knowledge

  • Read at least one book every month and provide a written shelf-talker for the store as well as a digital online review for our website. Submission for new books to IndieNext is highly encouraged. If a bookseller submits a written IndieNext submission for the appropriate month they receive a $50 Literati gift card.
  • Keep abreast of book publishing and independent bookselling trends. An email newsletter subscription to ShelfAwareness is highly encouraged.
  • Familiarize yourself with Edelweiss, our digital ordering platform. 

Inventory Responsibilities & Duties: 
Meet and communicate with inventory managers to assess items of importance for the  department and delegation of duties including:  

  • Receiving
    • Unboxing publisher shipments.
    • Assessing books for damages.
    • Data entry for each day's shipment. 
  • Bookseller Highlight Display:
    • Solicit, order, receive, and display new picks from one staff member each month.
    • Collect and laminate new shelf talkers and update signage.
  • Bestseller report
    • Generate appropriate sales reports to submit to NYTimes and ABA.
    • Update webpage and store display each week.
  • Inventory problem solving and follow-up
    • This candidate will also be responsible for helping the team solve any inventory discrepancies or issues with special orders and stock reports

To apply, send cover letter and resume to