Literati Cultura™: A Collector's Club

Literati Cultura - A Collector's Club

What is Literati Cultura?

Literati Cultura™: A Collector's Club is a monthly subscription program whose subscribers are shipped or pick up in-store a specially selected signed first-edition of some of the best, most important, and noteworthy fiction being published today.

What do subscribers receive?

A signed first edition, letterpress, and letter of introduction--which we type out on one of our antique typewriters--are included with each month’s book.

What exactly is a first edition?

A first edition is the original, limited printing of a book. First editions are valuable because they are the closest edition to the author's original work. Subsequent printings can have changes to the text, cover art, and printing quality. A signed first edition is an important and unique addition to a personal library, and is important and valuable to book dealers and book collectors, too.

What types of books should subscribers expect?

We began Literati Cultura™ in the hopes of extending the mission of our bookstore to those readers who might not live immediately in our neighborhood: to support strong, thoughtful, and provocative writing. We select novels and short story collections which we believe will engage and challenge our subscribers. These books are specifically chosen by our curator who attempts to include a mix of well established authors and new, up-and-coming literary talents.

To view recent selections, see Literati Cultura™ Selections

What types of subscription plans are available?

If you’d like to receive a book each month, you can sign up for our ongoing subscription plan. Pricing for the ongoing subscription plan is just whatever the price of the hardcover book retails for, generally between $25-$32/month. We can ship the book anywhere in the continental US for a flat rate of $8. Or, if you'd like, you can pick it up in-store (no extra charge).

You can also select a pre-paid gift subscription to give to someone else. You can choose between a 3 month subscription ($125), a 6 month subscription ($250), or an entire year's worth of signed first editions ($500). Tax & shipping included.

Will there be discussions of the selections?

Subscribers as well as the general public are invited to join our monthly book club discussions about the Literati Cultura™ selections. 

You can sign up below! If you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQ page.