Literati Insisto FAQ


How much does a membership cost?

For the ongoing subscription the price is the publisher’s list price for the book plus sales tax ($16-$19 on average per month). If you'd like the ongoing subscription to be shipped to you, we offer flat shipping for an extra $4/month. You may also choose to pick up your selection each month at Literati Bookstore at no additional charge. Please note that whatever delivery option you choose, this will be the ongoing delivery method for your subscription.

For the gift subscription, the price is $70 for 3 months, $140 for 6 months, and $280 for 12 months. This pre-paid price includes tax and shipping.

When will I receive my book?

Shipping dates will fluctuate due to the varying release dates of books. Therefore, you will receive a book each month, but not necessarily 30 days apart. 

Do I have to provide my credit card number?

Yes. For our credit card processing, we use Stripe, which guarantees secure payments. We will not have access to your full credit card number. If you sign-up for the gift subscription, we will notify you once we’ve processed your one time payment.  If you sign up for the ongoing subscription, your card will not be charged until we ship each selection. 

I received a call/email about an expired/declined credit card. What do I do?

Please call the store at 734-585-5567 to update your credit card information. If Literati Bookstore does not receive updated credit card information within one month, your membership will be put on hold. If you are aware that your credit card will soon expire, or if you receive a new credit card or number in the mail, please contact us so there is no disruption in your membership.

May I return or opt-out of a selection?

There is no opting-out of a given selection. All Literati Insisto picks are non-refundable and non-returnable. This both makes a club like Insisto possible for a small, independent bookstore, and it honors the spirit of the club--when signing up for Literati Insisto, you are agreeing to be part of a program of curation, with a variety of titles, genres, and styles.

I’m signed up to pick my books up in the store. What happens if I forget to retrieve my book?

We will hold books that are marked for pickup at the store for you. If you don't pick up your books for a while, we may contact you.

What if I move or am away from my residence for a long period of time?

Just give us a call and we can update your address information.

Do the books I purchase through Literati Insisto add to my Frequent Buyer’s Club balance?

Absolutely! However, the Frequent Buyer discount cannot be used to pay for your Literati Insisto membership.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. Who should I contact?

Please email Insisto curator Bryan Seitz at