Literati Insisto: An Indie Paperback Subscription

What is Literati Insisto?

Literati Insisto is a monthly subscription program whose subscribers are shipped or pick up in-store a specially selected paperback published by an independent (indie) press. Taking into consideration the success of Literati Cultura, we wanted to push even further, to hone in on what makes independent bookstores--and independent publishers--so necessary and so special.

What do subscribers receive?

One of our standard Literati Bookstore bookmarks, a recently published indie press paperback, and letter of introduction--which we type out on one of our antique typewriters--are included with each month’s book.  

What exactly is an independent / indie press?

Independent presses--Graywolf, Two Dollar Radio, Tin House, Milkweed, etc.--differ from major publishing houses in that they release a limited catalog of titles each season and tend to be more selective and mission driven when accepting submissions for publication. Oftentimes these titles are unique in both style and subject-matter when compared to most mainstream books being published today.

What types of books should subscribers expect?

Our curator does an excellent job of celebrating the vast array of new voices from small and indie presses, including translated works, that might otherwise be overlooked by the mainstream publishing world. Each month she meticulously chooses a new paperback book of fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction for your enjoyment. These are books full of beautiful and shocking sentences; books that push beyond the boundaries of popularity and sneak into our hearts and minds in surprising and unexpected ways.

What types of subscription plans are available?

If you’d like to receive a new indie paperback each month, you can sign up for our ongoing subscription. Pricing for the ongoing subscription plan is whatever the price of the paperback book retails for, plus tax, which is generally between $16-$19/month. For an extra $3/month, we can ship the book anywhere in the U.S. Or, if you'd like, you can pick your package up in-store (no extra charge).

You can also select a pre-paid gift subscription to give to someone else. You can choose between a 3 month subscription ($70), a 6 month subscription ($140), or an entire year's worth of indie paperbacks ($280). Tax & shipping included. This plan requires only a one-time payment.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page

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