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Local Learning at Literati

All Events Take Place at Literati Bookstore

At Literati Bookstore, we believe that learning is a necessary pleasure. We believe that reading makes us not only curious and knowledgable, but also kinder. We created Local Learning at Literati because we wanted to create accessible opportunities for learning in our community: affordable, welcoming to beginners, unfussy, and taught by passionate, dedicated experts. Each event will cost either $20 or $25. We would like to invite you to attend.

We hope you leave a Local Learning event having tried something new, if not having learned something new, maybe the wild-sprout start of a project in hand, maybe equipped to be a little kinder, and maybe a little more indulgent of your curiosities. And of course, participants will also receive a list of books on the topic, available to purchase on-site, take home, read, and continue that unending story of learning. We invite you to celebrate the expertise in our community by joining us to create, ask questions, make messes, meet others, make meaning, and read. With the Local Learning at Literati series, we offer our bookstore to you as a place where your creativity, kindness, and curiosity grow deep roots. 

All events begin at 7pm! They should last approximately one hour. 

Please see below for full descriptions of each event. If you have questions or inquiries, please email us at


July 10th

Flow and Glow: Basics of Yoga and Meditation

Interested in yoga and not sure where to start? Join yoga instructor, Diana Racek, for an introduction into yoga fundamentals. Diana will briefly cover the Eight Limbs of Yoga (according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra) and guide you through a short Vinyasa yoga sequence followed by two styles of meditation. Bring a yoga mat and a pillow/blanket for meditation.

Diana Racek is a Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) in Ann Arbor trained to teach several styles of yoga: Ashtanga Primary series (short form), Vinyasa (slow burn, blend, and power), and Yin (restorative). Diana believes her students should have the freedom and comfort to experience yoga in their own personal way. She teaches private group sessions as well as public classes at various locations in the community. 

$20. 7pm. 

July 24th

SOLD OUT - The Calm of Kurinuki

Get your hands in clay and calm your mind and body, as you learn to sculpt a cup from the inside out, using a traditional Japanese technique, kurinuki (translation: to carve out). In a frenetic time, our being cries out for us to ground and play with presence. Kurinuki is a slow and deliberate process that calls on our imagination and sensitive touch. Beyond a technique, it's a salve for the soul.

About instructor Cara Rosaen: There is nothing more grounding to me than kids and mud, so I try to spend most of my time with one of them. I live with my two sons and husband in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My life has guided me through many incarnations, as an entrepreneur (, a jewelry artist (Sweet Plum Vintage), a graduate student in Marital and Family Therapy, and now mother and studio potter at Yourist Studio Gallery in Ann Arbor. When I have my hands in clay, I have to be in the moment. It's a simple, beautiful practice I feel so lucky to do. If there is one thing to know about me, it's that I'm a sensitive soul. If I care for and honor this, it becomes a strength. Now, it says; "ground yourself, trust, stop paddling up the river, relax, and play". I try to head it's call. You can find my work on my website:


July 31st

Everyday We Have the Blues…

In this workshop lead by UMS teaching artist Tariq Gardner, participants will learn how to write a blues lyric by analyzing traditional and modern blues music and exploring the foundations and structures of the timeless genre.  

Tariq Gardner is an eclectic drummer and educator from Detroit who has his roots in Detroit’s rich and storied jazz tradition. He was brought up in the music by his mother and preeminent bassist, Marion Hayden, who immensely impacted his intuitive musical knowledge and instinct. Gardner attended the world renowned Detroit School of Arts. It was there where he began to hone his compositional skills, and also traveled with the Wind Symphony and Orchestra to perform at the historic Carnegie Hall. A soon to be graduate of the University of Michigan’s esteemed Jazz Studies program, Tariq has served as the drummer for the John Douglas Quartet since the beginning of 2017, is the host of his own Wednesday night jam session at Bert’s Marketplace, and continues to work as a drummer, composer, and bandleader for major events around Detroit. “Life is a song so you better sing” – Tariq


August 7th

The Story Starts With You

Join Black and Brown Theatre for an interactive workshop exploring the role of a playwright and their relationship to actors. In this workshop, participants will learn how to write their own simple one-minute scene which will culminate in a live performance of this new work by actors from Black and Brown Theatre. This conservatory approach allows participants to see in real time how important every word is to a playwright and how both challenging and rewarding it can be to communicate intentions using only words.

Black and Brown Theatre is a 501c3 non-profit theatre company celebrating the voices of theatre artists of color and creating work for all audiences. Since their premiere performance in 2016, Black and Brown Theatre has been busy performing all over the Midwest with their improv shows, scripted stage plays, and outreach shows for students. In addition to performing, Black and Brown Theatre also teaches community workshops to inspire others to engage in the act of creating live theatre. They also have a free database of over 100 actors of color currently used by over 80 directors to help cast plays, films and other special projects. For more information, please visit:


August 14th

Sustainable Printmaking: Recycled Collographs

Come transform ordinary discarded objects into beautiful prints. Join the Ann Arbor Art Center's Chelsea O'Hayer in learning about sustainable printmaking methods. In this Local Learning workshop, you will explore the wonderful method that combines printmaking, collage and sculpture - collographs!

Since 1909 the Ann Arbor Art Center has been sparking creativity in people of all ages and artistic abilities. Through innovative programming, provocative exhibitions, wide-ranging learning courses, and a gallery shop offering handmade artworks, the Art Center engages tens of thousands of people annually in exploring the arts.


August 28th

V60 Pour Over Demo (SOLD OUT)

Learn how to brew the cup of coffee you want to drink at home in a hands-on workshop where we discuss which variables to focus on to make coffee to your liking using Hario's v60 brewer. Each participant will walk away with a bag of beans to use at home and the ability to brew with a v60! Brewers and filters will be available to purchase for those who don't already have them at home.

About Literati Coffee: We're a specialty coffee shop with a focus on single origin espresso. We source, roast, and prepare each coffee we serve with care and intention. We want to share the same experiences that made us fall in love with coffee with you!