Local Learning at Literati

All Events Take Place at Literati Bookstore

At Literati Bookstore, we believe that learning is a necessary pleasure. We believe that reading makes us not only curious and knowledgable, but also kinder. We created Local Learning at Literati because we wanted to create accessible opportunities for learning in our community: affordable, welcoming to beginners, unfussy, and taught by passionate, dedicated experts. We would like to invite you to attend.

We hope you leave a Local Learning event having tried something new, if not having learned something new, maybe the wild-sprout start of a project in hand, maybe equipped to be a little kinder, and maybe a little more indulgent of your curiosities. We invite you to celebrate the expertise in our community by joining us to create, ask questions, make messes, meet others, and meaning. With the Local Learning at Literati series, we offer our bookstore to you as a place where your creativity, kindness, and curiosity grow deep roots. 

All events begin at 7pm! They should last approximately one hour. 

Please see below for full descriptions and to purchase tickets to each event. If you have questions or inquiries, please email us at events@literatibookstore.com.

January 22nd

Learn how to weave a woven wall hanging w/ artist Sophie Grillet, and leave with a skill and a beautiful piece of art--this event is perfect for the whole family and open to children ages four and up who are accompanied by an adult.

Sophie Grillet is a British artist working in Ann Arbor, Michigan, serving clients mostly in southeast Michigan and the greater Detroit area. Her preferred media are: painting in oils and acrylics; sculpture in stone, metal and clay; pastel, drawings, and photography.​ Much of her work is abstract, but it is always about something, and often has interesting titles. She likes to experiment with all kinds of media from aluminum to yarn.

January 22nd at 7pm. Tickets $35 per adult + child, $25 per individual. 


Canceled - January 29th

Note: this edition of our Local Learning Winter '20 series has been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience. You can learn more about the exhibit currently running at the UMMA here!

February 5th

Join Corry Buckwalter, landscape designer and indoor plant propagator on a green journey! Tired of wondering why that jade plant didn't survive? Never fear. Corry will teach you the basics of indoor plant care, including managing the elements (light, water, temperature, soil, pests, and more) to create vigorous and healthy plants. Corry will explain how to propagate new plants through several different methods. You will have the opportunity to get your hands in soil and propagate your own plant to take home.

Corry Buckwalter is an urban planner, author and landscape designer. She loves doting on her rescue dog, propagating indoor plants and cooking healthy vegetarian meals for friends and family. She can be found at www.climateconsciousdesign.com.

February 5th. 7pm. Tickets $25. 


February 12th

Develop your sketching practice (or commit to a new one!) by working with water-soluble graphite through exercises designed to stimulate creativity, and get hands moving across a page with instructor Ellen Sherman. Water-soluble graphite is a portable, non-toxic art supply that makes quick sketching easy and is an ideal tool to incorporate into a sketching habit. This class is presented in partnership with the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Ellen Sherman is an abstract artist working in Ann Arbor, MI. Her process is water-based and intuitive, and was largely developed during her 10 years of living in Miami, Florida. There she kindled her love of water and a deep fascination and respect for its movement and moods. This is explored in her sketches and paintings where she relies on water as the vehicle for the pigment. Ellen received her BFA in Studio Art from Michigan State University and has also studied at Arizona State University. When not painting Ellen can be found hiking with her husband and dog, teaching workshops and tackling various home improvement projects. 

February 12th. 7pm. Tickets $25.


February 19th

Learn how to brew the cup of coffee you want to drink at home in a hands-on workshop where we'll discuss which variables to focus on to make coffee to your liking using Hario's v60 brewer. Each participant will walk away with a bag of beans to use at home and the ability to brew with a v60! Brewers and filters will be available to purchase for those who don't already have them at home.

Literati Coffee is a specialty coffee shop with a focus on single origin espresso. We source, roast, and prepare each coffee we serve with care and intention. We want to share the same experiences that made us fall in love with coffee with you!

February 19th. 7pm. Tickets $25. 


March 11th

Explore the basics of calligraphy using watercolor paint and brushes as we explore letter forms and flourishes with Elyse Gambino. You’ll design a personal emblem to use in the creation of your own unique stationery to spruce up your correspondence or just enhance your personal notes.

Elyse Gambino is an artist and educator based in Lansing, Michigan. While her studio practice is concerned with oil painting and digital collage, her teaching includes foundations in drawing and design, life drawing, art appreciation and theory as well as painting. Gambino is an avid crafter and has fallen in love with the art of letter forms and calligraphy.

March 11th. 7pm. Tickets $25