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Shelf Talking Episode 17.5––Literati Goes to the Movies (Re-Release)

With the Oscars just around the corner, we present an episode about adapting books into movies, movies into books, and everything in between!

Recorded live at Literati: 
–Kevin Smokler, author of Brat Pack America, discusses growing up at the movies in Ann Arbor.
–Whit Stillman discusses the adaption of his own movie, Love & Friendship, with host Sam Krowchenko.
–Annie Spence reads some of her love letters to books, collected in Dear Fahrenheit 451.
–Michael Byers talks to Maile Meloy, author of Do Not Become Alarmed, about her experiences with adaptation.

Also, Sam and inventory manager Jeanne Joesten discuss her favorite book-into-movie adaptions!

Shelf Talking Produced by: Mike and Hilary Gustafson with John Ganiard, Matthew Flores, and Sam Krowchenko

Theme Music: “Orange and Red” by Pity Sex (2016, Run for Cover Records)


Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to '80s Teen Movies (Paperback)
Love & Friendship: In Which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon Is Entirely Vindicated (Paperback)
Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks: A Librarian's Love Letters and Breakup Notes to the Books in Her Life (Hardcover)
Do Not Become Alarmed: A Novel (Paperback)
Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It (Paperback)