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Shelf Talking Episode 19 – Codes and Capone (03/19/2019)

Psst. Do you know the password for today’s gangster-, spy-, and code-filled SHELF TALKING? Blink once for no, twice for yes….

Recorded live at Literati:
–Jason Fagone chronicles the life of cryptology pioneer Elizebeth Friedman in his book The Woman Who Smashed Codes.
–A. Brad Schwartz reveals the true story of Al Capone and Eliot Ness in Scarface and the Untouchable, co-authored with Max Allan Collins. 
–Chicago poet Susanna Lang shares some jazzy, Capone-inspired verse from her latest collection Travel Notes from the River Styx.


Shelf Talking is produced by Mike and Hilary Gustafson with John Ganiard, Matthew Flores, and Sam Krowchenko
Our theme songs are “Orange and Red” and "Bonhomie" by Pity Sex (2016, Run for Cover Records)

*Headphones Recommended!*


The Woman Who Smashed Codes: A True Story of Love, Spies, and the Unlikely Heroine Who Outwitted America's Enemies (Paperback)
Scarface and the Untouchable: Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and the Battle for Chicago (Hardcover)
Travel Notes from the River Styx (Paperback)