Virtual Event Requests

Please note: our online event calendar is not a reflection of the store's scheduling availability.

For authors and presses inquiring about an At Home with Literati virtual event:

Our ongoing virtual events are primarily arranged through our accounts with major publishers, their imprints, and other small and local presses we work closely with. Due to high demand and other considerations, we simply cannot accommodate all virtual event requests, but we are always open to reviewing them. We appreciate your understanding regarding our limited scheduling availability. As well, please note that we are now receiving more requests for virtual events than we are able to respond to individually, and we apologize in advance if you do not hear back from us.

Inquiries can be sent to

Please note that Literati continues to refrain from hosting events for self-published titles, academic titles (with some exceptions), and titles associated with Amazon publishing and its imprints. 

For university departments, private organizations, businesses, libraries, et al., interested in having Literati Bookstore as a promotional partner and bookseller for a pre-arranged virtual event: 

Literati is happy to assist you with book sales for a virtual author event you have pre-arranged. Inquiries for partner bookselling at an upcoming virtual event can be sent to Note that due to high demand and other considerations, we may not be able to accommodate all requests, and we appreciate your understanding for the time it may take for us to respond to these inquiries. 

We are generally unable to assist outside organizations in securing specific or desired authors, nor are we able to provide financial assistance in securing authors for your event or for authors you have already booked to appear. We encourage organizations to inquire and work primarily with their desired author’s speaker's bureau or other representatives when securing an appearance.