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Ways to Support Indie Bookstores Right Now

How can I support indie bookstores in general right now?
  • Order online! Most indie bookstores have websites chock full of staff picks, reviews, new releases, and more. Indies' customer service is better than Amazon, and we can definitely help you find what you want!
  • Spread the word—via email to friends and family, via social media, or to those close to you. Even if books aren't in your budget right now, spreading the word helps!
  • Sign up for email newsletters, follow bookstores on social media, etc. 
  • Organize digital book clubs, and encourage participants to order from indie bookstores.
  • Check out subscriptions clubs! Many indies offer signed first editions, small press titles, etc. Authors with new books out need your support!
  • Think about where your money goes, and try to support local businesses as much as possible